We declare the POWER of God so the enemy has no authority over us!

We declare the PEACE of God so it speaks to every storm that is raging!

We declare the VOICE of God be heard so all other distractions are silenced!

We declare the UNITY of God where there is separation and division.

We declare the GRACE of God when there is failure or disappointment.

We declare the FORGIVENESS of God to those who have hurt or wronged us.

We declare the HEALING POWER of God to everyone who is sick, injured and hurting!

We declare the PROMISES of God to give us hope in times of doubt or uncertainty!

We declare the DESTINY of God be fulfilled as we will walk in his purpose for our lives!

I speak the BLESSING of God upon my life!
I speak the BLESSING of God upon your life!
We speak the BLESSING of God upon our lives!

***Optional Thanksgiving Version***

With thanks, I receive the BLESSING of God upon my life!
With thanks, I speak the BLESSING of God upon your life!
With thanks, we celebrate the BLESSING of God upon all our lives!

David Hino, The Light CF

We seek to be God's family, His holy dwelling place where lives have freedom to grow in His Spirit and are healed and transformed in a safe atmosphere, impacting our homes, city, nation and the world.
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