Makinto is the worship leader at The Light and also the founder of Joyful Music and Arts (JOMA). Our Worship Philosophy is a direct reflection of his work at the church.

At Joyful Music and Arts Center (JOMA), Makinto along with other musicians teach music to many youth in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

Some of Makinto’s CD’s which are for sale.  To Order

New Release: AMAZING GRACE (2012, Joyful Music Productions,CA)

Unify Us, Holy Spirit (2004, Amahoro International, CA)

Journey to Faith (2006, Amahoro International, CA, but currently unavailable)

Live the Call ( 2007, Amahoro International, CA)

An African in Paris (1997- Hajama,Paris)

Malimba Music is Hope (1999 – Hajama, Paris)

I’ve Come to Worship His Majesty (2001 – Amahoro International, NY, but currently unavailable)

We seek to be God's family, His holy dwelling place where lives have freedom to grow in His Spirit and are healed and transformed in a safe atmosphere, impacting our homes, city, nation and the world.
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